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6 steps to creating content like a pro

This process will change how you write content forever!

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6 Steps to Creating Website Content that Actually Ranks!

Free tools included!

Attention: Small business owners and marketers. Stop writing any more content before reading this. Take the guesswork out now!

The internet would not exist without content. But is your content relevant, read, and ranking?

  • How do you decide what content to create?
  • Are you writing for your audience or yourself?
  • Are you actually answering people's questions?
  • How many people really search for the content you're creating?

  • Discover what people are actually searching for in your industry on Google
  • Uncover how many searches per month each keyword gets
  • Use free tools that make your job so much easier!
  • Know the questions clients actually enter into a search engine
  • Plan your strategy well into the future
  • Works for both B2B and B2C

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All too often businesses create content with little understanding of how search engines work, what it takes to rank, and what customers search for.  The result is they end up disappointed,  get little traffic, and claim SEO simply doesn't work. Well, take the guesswork out now and take the approach seasoned internet pros use day in, day out with the same (free) tools. Create a strategy that will produce content you know people search for, and start generating significantly more traffic today.

Robin Eyre