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YES! I want to optimise my website to improve its position in search!

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The Guide will help you to truly understand how to create good content … but that’s going forward.

What about the content already on your website? Every page, post, product, image and presentation? Is your website in the best possible condition to give it the best possible chance of ranking well in search engines?

To help your business achieve its true potential we have a superb offer: a website audit health check.

Run a website audit health check for only £5

200-page scan, uncover website errors, improve your rank in Google

Let us help improve your website rank in Google and Bing by conducting a thorough scan of your website and identify any errors that may be preventing it from achieving its true potential.

SEO website audit health check overview

A quick SEO 101

Search engine optimisation is, as you may have guessed, all about optimising your website to give it the best chance of ranking well in search engines, and Google and Bing love websites with great content that are both well-constructed and readable.

Readable not just by humans, but also by the search engines and algorithms they use.

These algorithms run on a set of rules so it’s important to ensure your website abides by them to give it the best chance of ranking.

This means using the right words (keywords, topics and phrases) but not too often so as to appear spammy, setting up your page titles and headings correctly, and making sure all pages can be crawled (i.e. you’re not hiding any pages by mistake).

If this sounds a little confusing consider a Microsoft Word document. When you create a new report or presentation you use a unique title to properly identify the document in your filing system, you use headings to help the reader understand the hierarchy and context, and images to make it visually appealing.

In a similar fashion a web page needs to be properly created not only to tell search engines what the page or product is about but also to ensure it’s displayed properly in the search results. Don’t confuse the search engines! They need to understand what your page is about, and display the correct page. Remember, you will likely have many, many competitors all vying for the same spot!

Getting your website, pages, posts, and products set up correctly will benefit you immensely.

By way of example, the image below is a typical set of Google search results. What it shows are the page title, URL and page description. If your website or content is poorly structured Google will have a difficult time displaying it and you won’t achieve many clicks.

You have direct control over your on-page SEO.

Google search results

What will the report uncover?

Typical errors include:

  • Pages downloading too slowly
  • Duplicate pages, page titles, descriptions and more
  • Broken links
  • Images that are too large
  • Multiple headings
  • Page titles too long or too short
  • Missing pages

… to name just a few.

So take up the offer now before it expires and let us help you achieve better performance for your website.