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Are you ready to fix your on-page SEO errors? Maybe you love to get stuck in? Maybe you’re technically minded, you have a good understanding of SEO and are confident addressing any problems yourself. Or maybe you’d like us to help? What type of errors might you find in an SEO review? To name just a few:SEO SEMrush report example
  • Page titles are too long, or too short
  • Pages lack meta descriptions
  • Headings, URLs or pages are duplicated
  • Images are too large, or lack alt text
  • Pages are slow to download
Fixing the problems can be time consuming especially if you’re not 100% confident you know what you’re doing. So, upgrade today and we will fix your on-page SEO errors for you and give you the following competitive intelligence reports specifically for your business for free:
  1. A report identifying where you rank in Google for your top 100 keywords and the monthly keyword search volume
Website keyword data  
  1. A report detailing 100 similar phrases, keywords and topics for a chosen keyword
Phrase match data
  1. A breakdown of what type of articles are most popular in social media for 2 topics

Popular by Network

Social media shares by network

Popular by Content Length

Social media shares by content length

Popular by Content Type

Social media shares by content type

Now wouldn’t that be useful?

So, stop guessing! This is empirical data based on what actually works in Google and social media. It’s not waffle! It is valuable business insight.

Why is it important? Because 78% of search starts online and if your competitor ranks higher than you they will get more clicks to their website. It’ that simple.

Normally we charge £300 pounds for the SEO report, stats and social media. But you can upgrade today to and take all these bonuses for just £200.

That’s a £100 discount.

You now have really valuable intelligence to start making some serious marketing decisions.

So, what’s the process?

  • We will fix up to 200 pages on your website
  • We won’t ask for any login details just yet. We’ll produce the report, send it to you, make our recommendations, then discuss them with you before we implement them.

We want you to be completely comfortable before we make any amendments and understand the changes we’re suggesting.

In the next step we will ask for:

  • A keyword or topic you’d like to see monthly search volumes for
  • The country you’d like us to test in (e.g. Google USA, UK, Australia)
  • Two topics you’d like to see analysed in social media engagement, for example: office supplies, IT support, financial planning, manufactured widgets

We will start the process immediately and be in touch to discuss SEO recommendations within a couple of working days.

The Google and social media report will also take a couple of days to produce.

So, click on the upgrade button below now to get this one time offer.