What do your customers search for in Google? Do you know? How many times per month do they search for these keywords and how easy or difficult is it to rank for them? Who ranks on page #1 and why? Who are your competitors?

We research Google and the competitive landscape to help you better understand your target audience online, know what they search for, and create a plan to get you more quality traffic, leads and sales.

Trailblazer360 Marketing keyword research

Online traffic is critical to most businesses but how do people find you? How do they know you exist in a competitive environment? What do people type into Google to find you? What keywords do they use and what do you rank for? Do you know? Does it matter? (Hint: yes, it does.)

The problem is, many businesses think that by simple virtue of having a website they will get found in search engines and get traffic which turns into leads and sales. The truth is often much different. Every industry is competitive and knowing what people type into Google – what keywords they use – and how easy or difficult it is to rank for that keyword is the first step in website optimisation.

In addition to our website SEO audits, we conduct keyword and competitor research to help you understand what people search for online with regard to the sector you work in, and drive more traffic from search engines. It is a crucial step in winning more online business.

We help answer the most pressing questions such as:

  • Keyword research reports: What do people search for in Google in relation to your sector? Where do you rank for these keywords? How easy or difficult is it to rank for these, or other, keywords? Are there similar keywords or variations you can rank for instead? Where are the opportunities?
  • Competitor research: How much traffic do your competitors get from Google? More than you? Less? What keywords do they rank for? What is their SEO strategy? Do they use paid ads? Can you outrank them – can you beat them?

Our research service is ideal for start ups and mature businesses alike, and can be a single, ad hoc piece of work or combined as part of our website audit service but typically forms the basis of any digital marketing strategy.

We work with all manner of businesses, design agencies and web developers as part of their team who don’t necessarily have this in-house skill to hand. This can be a one-off or as part of our on-going monthly SEO services.