Do you design websites? Are you a web designer, freelancer, branding or marketing agency? Do you lack in-house SEO skills, struggle to implement SEO, lack time and resources, worry what the client might ask but are keen to deliver great results?

We can help. From website audits to advice, hand holding, SEO strategies and implementation, we can work as part of your team for your clients’ success.

Freelance search engine optimisation (SEO) consulting services for creatives, web designers, marketing agencies and branding agencies.

Solving Your Client’s SEO Problems

Do you worry about SEO for your clients’ websites? How many times have you discussed it with them and not felt entirely confident? Have you ever put a new website live and hoped, fingers crossed, it will rank in Google without really knowing how or why? After all, most clients don’t understand search engine optimisation – but they probably expect you to.

Perhaps you already have in-house SEO expertise. Great. But many agencies and designers do not. They worry, constantly, about discussing it with clients, discussing results, wondering why some websites rank and others tank, and end up winging it. Does that sound like you? Do you wish you had that in-house expertise – that someone to turn to and rely on in times of SEO need?

Well, don’t worry. You can have that expertise. You can have beautiful websites and well-optimised websites without having to spend years learning a new skill or employing new staff.

We help you help your clients.

You’re a great web designer building wonderful, engaging and useful sites. That’s where your skills lie. We, Trailblazer, can offer the SEO expertise you perhaps lack but can make you stand out not as a good web developer, but as a great one.

Either as a one-off project or more long-term, working as part of your team or as a trusted partner, our services are completely confidential and can be white labelled, including:

Add SEO as Another Income Stream

Using our SEO services can add another income stream to your business and make YOU the expert. Charge out this new service and know with confidence your clients are getting sound advice backed up wth great results.

The added bonus is there’s little work for you but you’re getting a huge reward: on-hand, on-call and in-house SEO expertise, and an additional profitable stream of revenue.

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