Struggling to generate traffic from search engines? Do you have an SEO strategy? Are your competitors constantly outranking you in Google? Is SEO a bit of a mystery or are you totally confused and don’t know where to start?

We are SEO experts and help businesses generate consistently more organic traffic, sales, leads and enquiries from Google and Bing.

Trailblazer360 Marketing SEO strategy and support for business

Do you have an SEO strategy? We all know the saying that ‘a failure to plan is a plan to fail’ and this is as true for search engine optimisation as it is in many other walks of life.

SEO can be confusing. It can be time consuming, difficult to understand and like many skills, take time to master. But you can win. You can get more traffic to your website. You can get more enquiries and sales, and you can be much more successful online. You just need a plan.

This is where we come in. We are SEO experts. We help transform businesses online with our proven and successful approach to SEO.

You may have a small marketing team, do all the work yourself or have no in-house expertise at all. That’s fine. You’re busy running your business. But you want more! You’re aspirational and have great plans for your business. We can be your SEO partner.

SEO Strategy

Our simple four-step approach to SEO strategy has been the basis for many successful business transformations:

Step 1

Understand where you are.

Why do you have a website? What are your goals? What are your expectations? How well does your website perform against these goals and expectations? We conduct the research to help you understand where you are, what you rank for, and how your website performs.

Step 2

Create a plan.

The pulling together of often disparate components and the creation of a coherent plan is often the clarity a business needs. It can be that lightbulb moment. That ‘Aha!’.

Step 3

Implement the plan.

A plan is only any good if it’s implemented. We can take the implementation out of your hands and let you continue to run your business. With our years of expertise and successful track record of helping businesses just like yours, you can rest assured your online development is in good hands.

Step 4

Monitor and improve results.

Knowing if you’ve improved performance is only possible if you monitor results.

We set up and monitor performance against agreed targets and help implement on-going optimisations.

A typical strategy begins with a website audit which looks at how your website is performing and where it can be improved. We look at where traffic comes from, page performance, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, your link profile and everything in between, then recommend a course of action. We also recommend keyword and competitor research so we know the popular search terms in your industry and who you are really up against, their strengths and weaknesses, and their SEO strategy (if any).

SEO Support

We also offer monthly SEO support. Our plans range from tracking important keyword positions in Google to producing actionable performance reports, link building, content creation and outreach strategies to make a demonstrable improvement to your organic website traffic.

We pride ourselves on genuinely wanting to help your business succeed. This is far different to the typical automated gibberish you’ve come to expect from your SEO agency where, at the click of a button, you receive a few automated charts and a bill at the end of the month. Be honest, what did you actually pay for?

In a typical report we explain in plain English every month any problems and how they can be fixed or suggest strategies and tactics to further improve your website traffic. We provide actionable insights and are happy to implement them as well.

Our stats below are proof of our work, each of which have a minimum 95% organic traffic.

Trailblazer360 Marketing website traffic growth case study, 1,000-22,000 users per month
1,000-22,000+ users/month
Trailblazer360 Marketing website traffic growth case study, 100-10,000 users per month
100-10,000 users/month
Trailblazer360 Marketing website traffic growth case study, 100-2,300 users per month
100-2,300 users/month
Growing ecommerce sale from zero to £20,000 per month
Zero to hero ecommerce sales

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