How well does your website perform? Where does traffic come from? Which are the most popular pages? Is your website healthy and in good technical shape? What keywords does it rank for in Google? Is there room for improvement?

Our SEO audits help you understand the health of your website, identify real and potential problems, and maximise performance in Google and with your audience.

Trailblazer360 Marketing SEO website audit

As websites develop, content is created, and more plugins, bells and whistles are added they become laden with excess baggage, lose shape and have different priorities. Just like the very best of us they often need a check up and a bit of care and attention.

In addition, Google updates its algorithm thousands of times every year (no joke) – occasionally major changes, often minor – so keeping your site up to date is critical to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

A website audit is a performance review and health check:

  • We assess analytics: which pages get the most traffic, where traffic comes from, and what improvements can be made
  • From an on-page SEO perspective we assess if pages properly target topics and keywords. Are you saying the right thing?
  • We look at what keywords your site ranks for in Google, which ones drive traffic and those that don’t
  • From a technical perspective we assess website speed, the page experience and core web vitals, server errors, missing pages, broken links, sitemaps, image file names and sizes, mobile usability, whether you’re using structured data and more
  • We look at the link profile of the website: who links to you and where opportunities lie
  • From a tool perspective we assess the setup of your Google Analytics, Search Console, Business Profile and other essential items

SEO applies across platforms. Your website could be WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, Wix or even a custom made site. It doesn’t matter. The same principles and practices apply across the web.

We don’t just audit websites either. We implement the results as well so your website is optimised for improved performance. This might be a one off exercise or on-going as part of our monthly SEO packages.

An audit can be undertaken at any time but typically prior to launch, on a six monthly or annual basis depending on sector, content creation frequency, link building activity and/or changes in Google’s algorithm which will dictate if sites meet new standards.

The result is a full understanding of the health of your website and its performance. We create a plan to help you get more visibility, brand awareness, traffic, sales, leads and enquiries through your website. We identify quick win opportunities and longer-term strategies. We uncover where you rank in Google … and where you don’t – often confirming or dispelling beliefs about the state and performance of your site.

An audit is ideal not just for SEO but also PPC advertising and social media campaigns for which speed and user experience are critical factors in your success. It forms an integral part of any online marketing strategy and is often combined with our keyword, competitor and social media research.

We work with all manner of businesses, design agencies and web developers as part of their team who don’t necessarily have this in-house skill to hand. This can be a one-off or as part of our on-going monthly SEO services.