Beedham Antiques web design case study laptop mockup

Beedham Antiques


Beedham Antiques Ltd. is a well established, Derbyshire-based business with a specialism in antique oak furniture.

For several years its online presence had been on two online furniture/fashion platforms, Online Galleries and 1stDibs (which have subsequently merged into the latter), neither of which focused on furniture or antiques. The result was that Beendham Antiques’ products and collections got lost in the vast number of products on display on the platform along with the constant struggle to remain top of their category listings.

The company thus decided to take a different path and create its own ecommerce website through which it could have much more control over and, ideally, rank in Google independently themselves.

How We Helped

A completely new ecommerce website was created.

One of the most important features of an ecommerce site is being unique so creating unique product descriptions and setting yourself apart from the competition is critical.

Most of the inventory was completely revamped. Product descriptions and high quality photographs were therefore critical along with an easy to use navigation and ecommerce solution.

This WordPress web design uses the Flatsome theme and WooCommerce for the ecommerce solution.


By separating the company’s online presence from the noise, size and scope of an online fashion platform we were able to give the business a new lease life.

After perhaps six months we started to see visible shifts in ranking (and traffic) onto page #1 of Google for targeted keywords such as ‘period oak antiques’, ‘antique oak furniture dealers’, ‘early oak antiques’ and more taking the business from one of many, many antique dealers competing with branded platforms or similar products to a fully fledged website ranking for targeted keywords in its own right.

Beedham Antiques ranking in Google for 'period oak antiques'
Google rankings, July 2020-July 2021, ‘period oak antiques’