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The Ultimate Public Holiday Guide


This website we created and designed ourselves. Wanting to find out about bank holidays in the UK we were frustrated at the poor quality of information and content on the internet already out there simply listing the existing bank holidays and little else. Any attempt at finding out more, like why do bank holidays exist in the first place, are bank holidays the same as public holidays, or are we indeed entitled to time off on a bank holiday, was near impossible to come by. Most websites were dreadfully designed as well.

How We Helped

So we did the research ourselves. This was an extensive task and involved considerable research as the quality of information was poor on highly ranked, authoritative websites, and incorrect assumptions had been made which, with a little deeper digging, could be corrected.

Furthermore it was our intention to create a really welcoming and engaging site that people would find interesting.


The website’s scope is quite large. The more research we did the more dreadful websites we found that were either unengaging or just thin on content.

Lunched on 19th April 2016 ideally the site will become an authority on UK bank holidays but there is so much more that it offer from religious and non-religious festivals to British customs and traditions, patron saints, and lots more on school holidays such as when they are, regional variations, things to do etc. etc.

It was such fun making it but there’s a long way to go so do check back and see how the site grows over time.