Cromford Creative web design case study laptop mockup

Cromford Creative


Cromford Creative is an award winning business centre in the World Heritage site of Cromford Mills, Derbyshire, comprising almost 40 offices for rent, coworking facilities, virtual offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, catering and retail outlets. There is a lot to offer and a lot going on.

Wanting to improve its marketing and presence from the single page it had on the Cromford Mills website the decision was taken to create its own website.

How We Helped

With so much to offer getting the navigation right was an important first step as were the calls to action, sign up and enquiry forms.

Fortunately one of the staff was a former professional photographer which meant there was no shortage of quality images.

To aid the completion of sign up and enquiry forms we created multi-step forms (long forms are often not completed due to them looking intimidating).

An events calendar was also integrated into the website which (pre-pandemic) was lively and active.


Built on the WordPress platform a dedicated website now enables the facility to rank for many more keywords which it didn’t do previously as a single page on the Cromford Mills website from meeting rooms to coworking, virtual offices and retail, not just in the main office building itself but also in the village itself.

The centre gets regular enquiries for a variety of services and can showcase its offers and facilities whenever, and however, it wants.